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About Pink Floyd Guitar

Welcome to Pink Floyd Guitar. You WILL benefit from this site all you need is time and passion and I will do the rest for you.

You are a die hard or curious Pink Floyd fan and/or a hobbyist or professional guitarist and you are desperate to learn to play some amazing music. This no doubt explains me. Through this website, I will show you how to do exactly that, how to play and perform great guitar music that the world can offer from arguably the best band in the world PINK FLOYD!!

My Pink Floyd addiction

Let me explain to you how I became addicted to pink Floyd especially curious or soon-to-be fans. It was at the summer of 2003 when I just finished university, I was 20 and I started to learn to play guitar 6 years ago. A Spanish friend told me about them and said that they were truly fascinating. He then recommended me to their album, Echoes – Greatest Hits. I bought this I listened to it a number of times, It didn’t inspire me at first, but then it grew on me! So I then went back to the cd store and bought their live album Pink Floyd PULSE. I tell you this blew me out of the window it was that great it took me places I have never been to. It changed my life! I never thought that there was ever a band that could have this sort of impact on me but I was wrong.

After that I then was desperate to learn to play guitar Pink Floyd style!

.....Now over two years on I want to share my knowledge of that and my interest with you people.

If you haven't already listened to the music of Pink Floyd then as soon as you do. The music will change your life!

What features are available to me on this site?

What features are available to me on this site?• How to perform Pink Floyd guitar solos from tab lessons•Soon to come videos Show you some greatest riffs and licks from the top players including David Gilmour and how to put them all together• . How to perform these riffs into a complete solo and play like a pro like David Gilmour against backing tracks• The band’s history how they got there and what they did •
And much more….
So basically the site is about Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd Guitar



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