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Pink Floyd Poles Apart

Description and lyrics

PINK FLOYD Poles Apart comes from the band's most recent album The Division Bell created in 1994 without the member of Roger Waters.

What is Pink Floyd Poles Apart about?

It is has been said that Pink Floyd Poles Apart is about both Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. Reading around and scouting for information it was clearly said by Polly Samson, Gilmour's girlfriend at the time, but now married of course, that the first verse "Did you was all going to go so wrong for you" corresponds to Syd Barrett. And of course if you are clued up with Pink Floyd you know what happened to Barrett. He left the band with a drug addiction.

The second line, however...."And did you see it was all going to be so right for me," is David Gilmour's view of Roger Waters.

The overall context of the song is that the first part refers to Syd Barrett but the second part refers to Roger Waters. And ironically in the Waters-Gilmour era they and the band were writing songs about Syd but now that Waters had left, Gilmour was writing songs about Waters


Now over to the Poles Apart lyrics..

Poles Apart Lyrics


Did you was all going to go so wrong for you
And did you see it was all going to be so right for me
Why did we tell you then
You were always the golden boy then
And that you'd never lose that light in your eyes

Hey you...did you ever realise what you'd become
And did you see that it wasn't only me you were running from
Did you know all the time but it never bothered you anyway
Leading the blind while I stared out the steel in your eyes

The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty
I thought of you and the years and all the sadness fell away from me
And did you know...

I never thought that you'd lose that light in your eyes

 Taken From the album:TDB


The Division Bell
Poles Apart is Featured and taken from the album, 'The Division Bell'
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