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10 Blues Licks You Need To Know

Welcome to the blues licks. Here I will provide you with 10 quality licks that you need to master to become a successful blues guitar player Why? because these have been used by the blues masters!! such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Clapton, etc.These licks can be used to build your own guitar solos in any blues style. I will explain the techniques and some of the concepts used so you can expand upon them using your own ideas. You could also add them to your own version of improvised Pink Floyd guitar solos after learning the concepts of the solo in the Pink Floyd tabs.

Blues Licks No.1

Surely one of the most vulnerable licks of the lot - it can be traced back to the hugely influential Muddy Waters. This starts in E and ends in A at the double stop.

Blues Licks No.2

This Buddy Guy inspired lick is merely a descending E minor pentatonic scale - but it works. Buddy Guy along with Muddy Waters are two very inspirational blues players during the 60's that inspired many great players. Many sources of his licks can be found here

Blues Licks No.3

A typical Albert King-ism - SRV borrowed this one extensively, so we might as well do the same. This lick can be played over an E7 chord. Albert King is another great early american player heavily inspired by Stevie Ray and Clapton. More of his licks can be in the GREAT heavily rated LICK BOOK 101 Must Know Licks

Blues Licks No.4

This was meant to be a Freddie King lick, but if you think you detect a hint of Paul; Kossoff in here, you may well be right.

Blues Licks No.5

Apart from that cheeky one-note-lick, this was the most typical BB King lick that I could improvise. BB King another massive talented blues player inspired by future greats. His guitar signature lick book can be found here that could certainly turn you into a talented blues player.

Blues Licks No.6

Here's an Albert Collins flavoured lick - the best part is that it works in standard tuning. This can be played over an A7 Chord.

Blues Licks No.7

Another BB King classic - note how the G# works fine over E7, but has to move down to G when the A7 comes along.

Blues Licks No.8

A great blues lick here mostly consisting of 10 and 11 fret notes and some double stops. This lick is played over B7

Blues Licks No.9

This lick has a feel of the 60s era Clapton, but you've probably heard BB King using similiar ideas. This works well over E7. We all know what a great blues and rock player is Eric Clapton.

Blues Licks No.10

The first three beats of this one might sound like a Charlie Parker lick but it should be pointed out that JS Bach was using similar ideas way back in the day. At any rate, the lick is all about weaving around chord tones using chromatic approach notes. Use it if you want to sound like Larry Carlton. Sounds great over B7. Enjoy!


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