Famous Guitar Riffs

Here I will provide you with a whole list of quality riffs that should generate full enthusiasms in your guitar playing.

These licks can be used to build your own guitar solos in any blues style. I will explain the techniques and some of the concepts used so you can expand upon them using your own ideas. You could also add them to your own version of improvised Pink Floyd guitar solos after learning the concepts of the solo in the Pink Floyd guitar solos section.


Here we go...


Famous Guitar Riffs No.1 & 2

This riff is a blues shuffle very common to Stevie Ray Vaughan. This Shuffle involves a series of pull-offs and open strings and it is played in E.

This style is very Jimi Hendrixy. It is chordal in that the notes played are those that constitute to the chord this is also called arpeggio playing. Play this in A Minor. Enjoy!

Famous Guitar Riffs No.3 & 4

This riff is similar to the one above but it gives more of a funkier sound and this time it is played in D Minor.

This is a vintage Eric Clapton style riff in the key of A which involves full string bending and some pull-offs.

Famous Guitar Riffs No.5 & 6

This riff has the same idea but it is played in the 8th position that is the 8th fret it is also played in the key of A.

This riff adopts the style of Eric Clapton/Albert Collins it gives a bluesy feel to it. The riff is played in A but played at the 8th position. The riff involves a lot of string bending on single notes.

Famous Guitar Riffs No.7 & 8

This riff involves the use of a wah wah pedal in the style of Jimi Hendrix and sounds as if somebody is talking. All notes are played on the G string.

This is a classic 80’s lick played using the A Major scale of the Phrygian mode an involves all single notes.

Famous Guitar Riffs No.9 & 10

This is an ending style riff played in E. It gives a funk oriented sound and is played over an E7 or E9 chord.

This is a Stevie Ray Vaughan riff in E and sounds very effective when played fast. Try and master the full and quarterly bends.


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