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Great Guitar Riffs

This page will bring to you some of the most popular and famous guitar riffs used by some of the best guitar players!! These free guitar riffs will enable you to play better and improve your improvisation technique depending on how you make use of these famous guitar riffs. Don't worry, I will show you how to get the most from these riffs!

Which players use these riffs?

Players such as David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Double Trouble), Chuck Berry,  Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, etc.

Here are the links to the whole range of famous licks available at Pink Floyd guitar. Free guitar riffs available to you!

Famous Guitar Riffs
10 Blues Licks You Need To Know

Where do the best players obtain their famous guitar riffs and good playing ability?

Well, believe it or not most players obtain great guitar playing by making use of standard riffs and licks played by previous guitar players or third generation guitar players that have been their long life heroes.

For example, Stevie Ray Vaughan's playing is made up of many famous guitar riffs that were played by numerous top players such as Chuck Berry and T Bone Walker but was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix's playing style.

Play the famous guitar riffs Ok, I will let you start playing and have some fun. Play the famous guitar licks that I provided for you in the links above. These are free guitar riffs and are yours to be used how you like! But bare this in mind...

You will benefit the most if you:
  • Do more than just play the riff, try and do a variation on the riff, such as changing some of the notes,
  • expand the riff to a solo
  • Move the riff to different keys, I will give you the key for  each lick
  • play the riff in both high register and low register areas of the fretboard.
  • Playing this sounds great in two different pitches as one mini solo!
  • Try and add these licks to some of the Pink Floyd solos that you have learnt on this site taking into account the key that the solo is played in.
Have fun!!

See these famous guitar riffs included in the Pink Floyd guitar solos

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