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Hey You tab (main solo)

 Song Hey You                                            

 Album: Wish You Were Here


 Rated Easy/Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins per day


p pull-off
h hammer-on
b bend
/ slide up
\ slide down
~ vibrato
r release
x muted note
1/2 half bend
1/4 quarter bend









Hey You tab solo : 1

The Hey You solo starts off with two long bends at the 3rd fret.


Hey You solo : 2

After a 3rd long bend at the 3rd fret you will then have to perform a triple bend. To perform this you simply have to bend the string fully then release the bend. Do this once more and then perform two more bends without releasing it. Add some vibrato on the last bend.


Hey You solo : 3

Here you are to perform three half bends at the 7th fret.


Hey You tab solo : 4

Get ready for the many bends at the 7th fret.


Hey You solo : 5

The solo now moves to high register playing (high register starts from the 12th) with long bends at the 15th fret.


Hey You solo : 6

The solo starts to come to an end with many long bends at the 19th fret and in the final part.


Hey You tab solo : 7


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