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Pink Floyd Breathe tab (Intro)

  Gear & Effects



 Song Breathe                                                         

 Album: Wish You Were Here

 Rated Easy/Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins per day

p pull-off
h hammer-on
b bend
/ slide up
\ slide down
~ vibrato
r release
x muted note
1/2 half bend
1/4 quarter bend








Pink Floyd Breathe tab : 1

To start of Breathe you play an Em(add9) chord strummed upwards slowly as opposed to a downwards strum. The sound should be instantly recognisable.


Pink Floyd Breathe : 2

Here you play the Em(add9) chord with the three open strings separately whilst forming the chord shape and then the rest of the notes stummed altogether. Again with an upwards strum.


Pink Floyd Breathe tab : 3

To play the 2nd fret notes in the 2nd section of this part, these are the notes from the open A chord so you form the shape of the A chord and then play each note as it states in the tab, this makes it easier to play and remember. So whenever you see the chord name above the fret numbers in the tab, form that chord shape and play what it asks you to play.


Pink Floyd Breathe : 4

Towards the end of this part you play the notes of Asus4 and A7 so form these chord shapes and play the notes.


Pink Floyd Breathe tab : 5

Here you will play the notes consisting of the A chord but in high register (high register starts from the 12th fret)


Pink Floyd Breathe : 6


Pink Floyd Breathe tab : 7

Back again to low register playing the notes of an A open chord shape at the 2nd fret...


Pink Floyd Breathe : 8


Pink Floyd Breathe : 9

Now you are heading towards the end of what I call the intro of Breathe, you will play the Bm7 chord and then a few notes from Bm7 adding some vibrato to this using a whammy bar all the way through.


As the vocals begin, this sort of playing contuniues throughout the singing but it is more suitable and convenient to play the chords to the lyrics where you can learn in the chord section.


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