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Pink Floyd Poles Apart Tab (Solo)

    Gear & Effects 


Song Poles Apart                                                    

 Album: The Division Bell        

 Rated Easy/Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins per day

The Poles Apart guitar solo comes form the Division Bell album. An album that was just as successful as its much earlier predecessors.

Pink Floyd Poles Apart tab solo is not at all difficult to play but it does require a lot of string bending and slides. The hardest skill about playing this solo would be the timing and how long to hold particular notes and the timing of the bends. The notes are quite simple but it requires good tone from your own fingers but the best thing for this is time and practice and naturally you will improve.

p pull-off
h hammer-on
b bend
/ slide up
\ slide down
~ vibrato
r release
x muted note







Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 1




Poles Apart guitar solo starts off at the 7th position with a hammer-on the 10th fret, 2nd string followed by a muted note. If you like you could skip the muted notes and just pick the 10th fret again. Mute the string and then perform the double bend on the same fret and release the bend on the 7th fret, perfrom the same bend again before sliding to the 12th fret, hold the note a little and then slide up to the 15th fret on the same string.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 2

The solo moves down to the 12th position with a double bend and release on the 2nd string. Release this note by sliding down the fret board and do the same with the end at the 7th fret.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 3

For a moment, the solo moves up to the 15th position. Bend up at the 15th fret and hit two more notes whilst bending up and then release the bend at the 12th fret.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 4

This part requires you to perform the same method on the 2nd string explained above. Leading up to the end requires you to perform a triple bend at the 14th fret, 3rd string.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 5

Perform a bend at the 14th fret and when you bring the bend down perform a pull-off to hit frets 12 and 10. Pull-offs are performed when moving down the fretboard and hammer-ons when moving up the fretboard. Perform a triple pull-off starting at the 12th fret and at the 8th fret hammer-on the 12th fret. Continue this similar pull-off, hammer-on starting at the end too starting at the 10th.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 6

Here, when you finish playing the 2nd note slide down the fretboard and release the string. When you get to the triple bend on the 17th fret on the 3rd string release the bend down and repeat twice, hit the note and then bend again.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 7

This part incorporates all the pull-offs and bends that we have already covered....


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 8

Ok, this is the simplest part of the solo. It only consists of 6 notes. Just pluck the string for each one.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 9

Perform a bend on the 15th fret and release it down then play the simple notes on the two strings that follow.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 10

Start here by hitting the string at the 11th fret, 3rd string, hammer-on to the 14th fret then pull-off to the 12th fret followed by the 11th fret. After that, the five notes that follow on the two strings, play them and let them ring so that as soon as you hit each one they sound over each other.


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 11

Ok, you should be more than capable of performing the rest easily. All the techniques in the following parts were totally covered. Oh and go over each one slowly until you get it right!! then your speed will naturally improve!


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 12



Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part Tab : 13


Pink Floyd Poles Apart Part : 14



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