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Pink Floyd Tab E-Book

Pink Floyd Tab Book

Pink Floyd Guitar gives you the all New Impressive Pink Floyd E-Tab Book.

Pink Floyd Guitar have put together the best Pink Floyd tunes in one downloable guide for you Floyd fans to jam out to with your guitar. So no need to wait for the post!

This all new impressive book features the tracks Another Brick in the Wall, Breathe, Time, Crazy Diamond, Money and more. And What else the Backing Tracks to go with them.

The Pink Floyd E-Tab book is professionally produced and includes the offical Riffs, solos and notes pf the original band and makes use of the rhythm and solos guitar parts

Includes 8 professional sounding Pink Floyd backing Tunes that are usually charged separately but FREE with this product!

Book Contents

1. Another Brick In The Wall Prt 2

2. Time

3. Money

4. Breathe

5. Shine on you Crazy Diamond Prt 1-2

6. Wish You Were Here

7. Comfortably Numb

8. Backing Tracks Link

These tabs including the backing tracks can be yours instantly accessible for only:

was $24.99 Now ONLY $15.99 (£10.00) Copyright 2010-17

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