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Shine On You Crazy Diamond tab : Parts 1-4 

    Gear & Effects



 Song Shine On You Crazy Diamond                              

 Album: Wish You Were Here

 Rated Easy/Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins per day


p pull-off
h hammer-on
b bend
/ slide up
\ slide down
~ vibrato
r release
x muted note
1/2 half bend
1/4 quarter bend









Shine On You Crazy Diamond tab: 1 

Part 1 of Crazy Diamond involves slow and intricate playing and is played in high register which is higher up the fret board and involves alot of bends and vibrato that is played so delicately. Most of the bends are full bends.


Shine On You Crazy Diamond : 2 

Here you have some huge bends one and a half in size such as the one on the 17th fret with vibrato and then release the bend. The best way to achieve this bend is to count up three frets and play that sound and then try and achieve that same sound with the bend.


Shine On You Crazy Diamond : 3


Shine On You Crazy Diamond tab: 4


Shine On You Crazy Diamond : 5


Shine On You Crazy Diamond : 6

Coming towards the end of the first solo you are playing full bends and no releases except at the end on the 18th fret. You then play the highest note in this part on the 20th fret.


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