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Video Tutorial Lessons


Video Lesson


Duration Free sample Lessons Price


Comfortably Numb Full Song (4 parts) 1 hr 11 mins Approx Click Here £5.00
Time Full Song (5 parts) 1 hr 32 mins Approx Click Here £5.00
Mother Main Solo      
Wish You Were Here Intro Solo (First solo)       Coming Soon
Wish You Were Here Solos       Coming Soon
Another Brick In The Wall Full Song (3 parts) 1 hr Approx Click Here £5.00
Hey You Solo       Coming Soon
Money Solo       Coming Soon
Breathe         Coming Soon
Poles Apart Solo     FREE  PLAY
Shine On You Crazy Diamond  Parts 1-4       Coming Soon
On The Turning Away Solo and small Rhythm       FREE  PLAY















*All Tutorial Lessons include backing tracks




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